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Emergency tree services may be required following storms or high winds where damaged trees pose a risk to property or people. Our experienced team have the capability to respond quickly to 24 hour call outs and provide safe removal of storm or wind damaged trees and gardens in Perth.

Specialised Tree Lopping

There is an art to removing trees in emergency situations, because often the tree has fallen but still there is a risk of further movement, or moving the tree in the wrong way could cause additional damage to your property. Our specialised services allow you to safely restore your damaged property and avoid extra problems.

Emergency Tree Services Perth

With over 16+ years experience our trained and certified team have the experience needed to handle any emergency situation. Call us today to find out how we can help.

24 Hour Emergency Call Outs

We know that often when storms hit and trees are damaged, it often happens outside of the normal 9-5 business hours. That's why we offer round the clock 24 hour emergency tree services in Perth so you can get back to enjoying life and stop worrying about your trees.

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Lifestyle Tree Services offers professional tree pruning, removal, hedging and related services in the region surrounding Perth, Western Australia.

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