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When pruning your fruit, nut trees you encourage more fruit, nut production, better form and a healthier tree. Whether you have an established tree or a young sapling, let Lifestyle Tree Services take care of your fruit trees to ensure you get the most out of your trees. Book a quote today and get expert advice from a certified arborist.

Formative Pruning Fruit & Nut Trees

By formatively pruning your fruit and nut trees at a young age, you are giving them the best chance to grow into healthy fruit, nut yielding trees. Pruning reduces the risk of pest, diseases and importantly moisture build up. When moisture builds up it causes wood rot and fungi growth. If you formatively prune your fruit, nut trees you will increase your fruit growth in quantity and quality.

Tree Maintenance: Fruit & Nut Trees

Certain fruit and nut trees should be pruned at certain times of the year for better fruit, nut development and harvest. Different fruit species need to be pruned in different ways and poor maintenance can cause plant stress, which allows moisture build-up and can cause pests and diseases. These pest and diseases can affect nearby plants and trees. By choosing Lifestyle Tree Services you are choosing professionals with 16+ years of experience.

Fruit & Nut Pruning Services

  • Deciduous Trees
  • Evergreen Trees
  • Stone Fruits
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Vine Fruits
  • Berry Fruits
  • Nut Trees 

Prune for produce, form, structure, shape, height, accessibility and more. Leave it to Lifestyle Tree Services to look after your fruit and nut trees. Call us today and we can help get you on your way to have the produce your after.

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Lifestyle Tree Services offers professional tree pruning, removal, hedging and related services in the region surrounding Perth, Western Australia.

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