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Twining plants, leaf climbers, tendril bearers, root climbers and hook climbers are some types of vines and creepers in the garden. With our knowledge and expert pruning techniques we can help maintain your creepers and give your property the desired look you are after. Call us today to have our certified arborist assess your creepers and give you expert advice on maintenance, removal, disease and infestations.

Creeper Training

Training creepers can help create different shapes and structure to any part of your garden. When training creepers like vines you decide the direction for the growth of the creeper. Regular maintenance will keep creepers from becoming the dominant species in your garden.

Creepers for Aesthetics 

Creepers can create a certain look and add character to your home. Creepers such as Bougainvillea are not only beautiful when in flower but can also be a deterrent for your fence line. Creepers are fast growing and can cover up or add character to your home without the wait for a tree to develop. With over 16+ years experience we can confidently create the look you are after.

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