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Twining plants, leaf climbers, tendril bearers, root climbers and hook climbers are some types of vines and creepers in the garden. When vines and creepers are not maintained they can easily become the dominant species in the garden, this can lead to problems with surrounding plants and trees. Lifestyle Tree Services can maintain your vines with experienced pruning techniques and can give you expert advice on maintenance, removal, disease, infestations and vine fruit pruning.

Vine Training

By training a vine you decide the direction for the growth of that vine, whether you want to train the vine to grow up a wall or over an archway, Lifestyle Tree Services can train vines to create different shapes and structure to any part of your garden.

Vine Pruning for Aesthetics

Vines can crete a certain look and add character to your home. Ivy can create a feature look on your garden walls, fences or parts of the house. Call us today and we will give you expert advice on creating your desired look for your home or investment property.

Vine Fruit Pruning

Passionfruit and grape vine are popular in the Australian garden, with care and correct pruning techniques we will help you get better fruit development and fruit yielding for the season. Without proper care and pruning maintenance vine fruit can easily become a problem with disease and infestations, which leads to plant stress on surrounding plants and trees. With over 16+ years experience you can rely on us to help get the produce you are after.

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Lifestyle Tree Services offers professional tree pruning, removal, hedging and related services in the region surrounding Perth, Western Australia.

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