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We recommend pruning Palms annually. If Palm trees are not maintained and are left unattended the area around the tree can start to become dangerous. Debris can fall and damage property and injure people at anytime. Unattended Palms also become prone for rodents and pests. Call us today and have our team take care of your Palm trees.

Pruning Palm: Seed Pods, Berries and Husks

If you are looking at having your Palm trees seed pods, berries or dangerous husks removed, we can come out and remove them at any time of the year. Seed pods can develop more than once a year in the right environment and if left unattended the seed pods can cause a mess and the area can become dangerous.

Palms: Dead Fronds 

Dying fronds are very dangerous as they can fall off unexpectedly at any given time. It is important that they are removed especially if they are situated where people commonly are. Fronds should be removed by a professional using safe technique. Lifestyle Tree Services works under a high safety standard at all times.

Pruning Palms Around Pools

Palm trees are often around the pool area and when it comes to having your Palm trees pruned Lifestyle Tree Services have extensive experience in Palm tree pruning. We can make your Palm trees a feature around the pool and help relieve some of the debris going into the pool.

If you want to save in the long term from pruning your Palm tree annually then you could consider having the Palm tree removed. Lifestyle Tree Services will take care of all your Palm tree needs and give you the best advice for the long term of your Palm tree.

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