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If you are having a problem with overhanging branches or invading tree roots give call us and have a certified arborist come and assess the vegetation that is to be removed. We recommended you provide quotes and discuss with your neighbour before taking any action.

Fence Line Pruning

Any vegetation growing onto your property from your neighbours can be cut back to fence line without permission.

Overhanging Limbs

In some cases you may need to remove overhanging limbs into your property due to safety, certain species of gums especially. Large limbs may fail and cause major damage to property or people, which may result in out of pocket expenses or death. It is always best to try to negotiate with your neighbour first before commencing trimming to get the best result for both sides of the tree.

Leaf Litter

It can be a hassle having continues leaf litter in your pool or gutters, and it can cause you to have out of pocket expenses. It is always best to negotiate with your neighbour and see if you can come to an arrangement that both suits you periodically.

Invading Roots

If you have invading roots from your neighbours property we can come to inspect the invading roots to see if they can be ground or removed completely.

Tree Preservation Orders

Local councils have tree preservation orders in place. These orders may prohibit the pruning and removal of specified trees. Check with your local council before performing any tree works on any heritage like trees.

Here at Lifestyle Tree Services we can assist in your property/boundary clearing.

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