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Is your tree looking unbalanced? Call us and have our certified arborist come and assess the vegetation and give you the best advice on progressing towards balancing out your trees. It takes experience to prune a tree that is unbalanced. To remedy the tree, Lifestyle Tree Services use certified pruning methods that will give the tree the best chance it has at recovering from pruning wounds.

Tree Balancing: Broken Limbs

High winds and storms can cause broken limbs leaving your tree unbalanced, stressed and possibly dangerous. Let us tell you how we can balance out your tree and make the area safe again.

Leaning Trees

Young trees and trees left unattended can grow more on one side and may need to be balanced out. If your tree is unbalanced it can cause your tree to fall over or impose on other nearby plants or trees.

Previously Lopped Trees

Past-inexperienced pruning or lopping may be the result of your tree becoming unbalanced. In some cases the tree may be remedied or it may be necessary to lopp the tree again to achieve results. Lopping your tree will require more frequent visits so call us and have a certified arborist give you the best advice for your tree.

Neighbours Trees

Neighbours often prune their vegetation to fence line, which can cause your vegetation to become unbalanced. It is always best to provide quotes to your neighbour and come to an agreement that works out for both sides periodically. You can prune any over hanging vegetation to fence line without permission, however it can cause the vegetation to become unbalanced.

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