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Tree pruning is selectively pruning a tree to form an all round healthy tree that has growth, form and structure. Having your tree pruned by an arborist at Lifestyle Tree Services ensures you are getting the best advice and treatment for your tree.

Why prune trees?

Safety – A dead branch can fall at any time and endanger people, pets, vehicles, buildings, power lines and property. Removing dangerous limbs and maintaining the trees safety is essential for the safety of the tree and its environment. Depending on the size of the tree and where it needs pruning can also be dangerous so leave it to the professionals and have our certified team perform your tree surgery needs.

Growth and structure – When you prune a tree a certain way it can influence the way a tree grows. With our certified team pruning your tree the tree can grow into a certain configuration of limbs and branches that is more ideal for the structure of the tree. When you are maintaining the structure of the tree you are reducing the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

Tree Pruning Services

Crown Height Reduction | Crown Uplift | Formative Pruning | Deadwood | Property Line Pruning | Power Line Pruning | Palm Pruning | Safety Pruning | Tree Shaping | Tree Balancing | Tree Thinning | Tree LoppingFruit & Nut TreesVerge Collection

If your tree is not pruned correctly it will require more frequent treatment, and may become diseased or a hazard and effect the safety of people, property and the tree itself. Lifestyle Tree Services can perform all your tree surgery needs and are committed to providing an excellent and friendly service from first contact to completion of the job. Once job is complete we give free advice on maintaining your trees and hedges.

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