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When performing tree thinning methods Lifestyle Tree Services can selectively remove branches to increase light penetration, air movement and reduce weight throughout the tree canopy.

Increase Light Penetration

Is your lawn dying? Is your tree blocking all your sunlight? Don't want to reduce the trees height or remove it to ground? Then thinning your tree is the way to go. Interior thinning and canopy thinning will allow the sunshine to penetrate your lawn below, giving your lawn the extra light it needs and benefits your tree as well.

Healthier Tree

Thinning your tree can reduce the incidence of some foliage diseases by increasing airflow, and allowing more light to reach the ground beneath the tree. Increased light and air stimulates and maintains interior foliage, which can encourage growth, strength and structure.

Fruit Tree Thinning

By thinning your fruit trees your allowing air flow through the tree which reduces the risk of moisture build up causing pests and disease. Thinning allows room for your fruit to develop and grow, yielding more fruit in return. Leave it to the professionals to get the most out of your fruit trees.

Storm Prevention: Trees

Thinned trees move less and receive less damage in storms. When your tree has had thinning performed more air passes through the canopy instead of pushing against it, putting pressure on heavy weighted branches causing them to break. Lifestyle Tree Services can help you prevent damage to your trees by assessing the vegetation for storm prevention.

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