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Storms can leave property owners with major damage to property or risk personal safety. Lifestyle Tree Services have a professional team with certified arborists with extensive experience in storm damage work. Our team will remove all damaged vegetation safely and efficiently.

Damaged Trees

Trees that are broken, defoliated or otherwise impacted by storms can be treated. Major limbs that have faults are broken or dead and should be removed as they can pose significant danger. Severely impacted trees will need to be cut down and removed. Call us and have our certified arborist come assess the vegetation and provide you with the advice you need.

Exposed Roots

If the storm has exposed roots or caused them to be lifted out of the soil the tree poses a significant risk and needs to be assessed by a certified arborist. In most cases the tree will need to be removed.

Dangerous Trees

Storms can cause a lot of damage to trees and the trees can become dangerous. Leaning trees and expose roots in trees will in most cases need to be removed. Do not try to remove the tree yourself as it is very dangerous. Our team work under a high safety standard at all times.

Tree Remedial

Heavy rain, hail and wind can break limbs, damage foliage and disturb soil around the base of the tree. Damaged or dead branches should be removed soon after a storm to allow the tree time to recover and reduce risk of major failures, which can cause damage to property or injure persons. If this is attended to and managed it will prevent any costs to correct after failure.

Insurance Claims: Trees

When your property has been damaged from a storm due to fallen trees, branches or debris you will need to lodge a claim with your insurance company. Make sure you understand what you are covered for as failure to do so may occur out of pocket expenses. Provide your quote to your insurance company and we will attend as soon as possible to remove the fallen vegetation and make your property safe.

Do not attempt to remove the fallen tree, branches and debris by yourself.

Risk Assessments: Storm 

We recommend you have your trees assessed for any potential damage that can be caused during the storm season. Call us and arrange to have our certified arborist check your tree for any potential risks that could end up endangering yourself, or property. 

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