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Palm trees look beautiful and are often sort after and planted in Perth home and business gardens and as such, Palm tree removal is often required due to the following reasons:

  • Falling debris that cause unsightly mess or dangerous areas
  • Unwanted animals and pests dwelling in or around the palm tree
  • Using up too much water so that other plants don't get enough, and die
  • Complaints from neighbours

Removing Palm Trees

We are experts at removing Palm trees of any type, size and location. No matter what the reason is that you need to remove your Palm trees, we have the experience, equipment and know how to make it happen.

Often Palm trees are placed close to pools and then the root system causes havoc with the pavers around the pool and the Palm tree needs to be removed. Other times the amount of water that a Palm tree requires causes the surrounding plants to suffer and the decision to remove the tree is made. Finally, anyone with Palm trees around their property can attest to the burden of having to continually pick up fallen debris from around the base, and may wish to have the tree permanently removed. In any event, Lifestyle Tree Services has professional equipment on hand to safely and quickly remove Palm trees from even the hardest to reach places. Contact us today to ask about our Palm tree removal service, and feel confident that our certified arborists can get the job done.

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