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Felling a tree involves inserting two directional open cuts (scarf) and one cut coming in from behind the scarf called a back cut. When done correctly and in the right circumstances felling is an efficient way of removing a tree. Felling the tree may also save you in costs as the arborist will not need to climb and dismantle the tree.

When felling we use safe cutting techniques performed by a professional certified arborist. Let Lifestyle Tree Services come and provide you with a free no obligation quote and advice on what services we can provide for the removal of your tree.

Felling Trees

Vacant blocks of land are a good example of where the tree felling technique can be applied for safe tree removal. When felling a tree you need to have sufficient space for the tree to be felled to prevent any damage to surroundings e.g. Property and power lines. Call us today and we will give you the advice you need and could save you in costs.

Tree Felling Service

To safely fell a tree the following needs to be considered:

  • Sufficient room for the tree to be felled.
  • There are no power lines above or around for the tree to come into contact.
  • There is no property or surroundings that can be damaged.
  • A qualified arborist and competent tree feller is doing the job.
  • The right tools are used.
  • The correct felling techniques are used.

Lifestyle Tree Services have 16+ years in tree management. We can confidently assess your tree and give you the best advice on having your tree removed. Call us today for a free quote 0406812352




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