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Is your tree looking unsafe? Costing you too much to maintain? Whatever the reason Lifestyle Tree Services can remove your trees using correct equipment and safe cutting methods. With over 16+ years experience in tree management our certified arborist can assess your trees and give you experienced advice.

Tree Removal: Assessments

It is important to check your trees regularly and call a certified arborist if you see anything unusual so the tree can be assessed for the safety of the tree and its environment. When a tree is checked regularly it helps to ensure the tree will have optimum health and growth.

Reasons for tree removal:

  • Safety - Tree is damaged and is at risk of endangering its surroundings by falling or has failing limbs.
  • Age - The tree is failing due to old age.
  • Infested -The tree has become infested with ants, termites etc and in most cases will need to be removed. Infestations and infections thrive in decaying wood, which can lead to health, safety and structural problems and may cause the tree to die.
  • Deadwood - If the tree has large amounts of deadwood it is an indication that the tree is in poor health and may need to be removed.
  • Diseased - Most diseases are contagious and can spread to other trees. Depending on the type of disease your tree could affect people with respiratory conditions, especially if fungal disease is prominent in the soil or in some cases air born which can affect people and vegetation.
  • Planting location - Removal of trees that have been planted in the wrong spot.
  • Land clearing - Removing trees for new subdivisions and new buildings. Maintaining vacant land from being overgrown.
  • Storm damage - Damage to the tree caused from stormy weather and has become a hazard and needs to be removed.
  • Size -  Removal of trees that have outgrown the trees situated place.
  • Power lines - Removal of trees near power lines to prevent ongoing pruning costs to maintain their distance to power lines.
  • Dangerous trees - Deadwood and diseased trees are not the only indication of a dangerous tree. If you think your tree might be dangerous call our certified team.

Tree Removal Services

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Removal of Heritage Trees

If you think your tree might be protected on the heritage listings of trees do check before organising any work. Contact your local council. Removal of heritage trees or major trimming without permission may occur hefty fines.

Removing a tree can be very dangerous so it is recommended that you call a certified arborist so you do not injure yourself or property.

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