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Our accredited and qualified arborists and groundsmen staff are just who you need to perform the task of trimming your trees around powerlines and services wires.

Powerline Clearance

Keeping your trees clear of powerlines is essential. To reduce the risk of accidental electrocution, contact us to have a certified arborist come out and safely remove the tree branches from around your powerlines today.

  • Reduce the risk of fire and/or electrocution
  • Prepare for stormy or windy seasons where there is a greater risk of powerline failure
  • Never attempt to clear trees from around powerlines yourself, it is not worth the risk - so leave it to the professionals

Trimming Trees Around Powerlines

Trimming trees around powerlines is required to avoid the discontinuation of electricity flow to your home or office which may occur when falling branches or windy conditions cause contact or damage. Due to the high voltage that flows through powerlines it is essential to keep an eye on your trees. Call us if you need a expert consultant to assess and manage the hazard. Our certified arborists know how to trim trees around powerlines in a way that ensures optimal tree health and protects from disease.

Overhead Powerline Tree Safety

In order to keep the electricity supply flowing to homes and offices we often need to trim trees around powerlines. Although you may feel a tree is "beautiful" and do not want to trim it, the safety concerns and functionality have to override this and the trees must be trimmed. 

Planting Trees Near Powerlines

Obviously the best way to avoid having to trim trees around powerlines, is to avoid planting trees around power lines in the first place! If you are planting large trees, always keep their future growth in mind, as well as any planned development in the area or any existing powerlines that may cause a problem down the track. If you would like advice regarding planting large trees in built up areas, contact Lifestyle Tree Services today.

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