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Looking at giving your property section a big clean up outside? Do you know when your next council green waste collection is? You can save costs on removal of debris if you organise your removal or pruning of vegetation around green waste collection.

Green Waste Collection Perth

Check with your council for information on verge green waste collection dates by selecting the links provided or calling the council directly. Once you have your date give us a call to organise your work.

Verge Collection: Save On Cost

Getting your trees, hedges and shrubs pruned or removed around your verge green waste collection date can save you money as the cost of removal of debris will be excluded from your quote.

Green Waste: Environmental

A majority of the verge green waste taken will be mulched up and used in council parks and gardens or sold to the public. The remainder will rot away in time, as all green waste is biodegradable.

Call Lifestyle Tree Services to help clear your property/section and save on costs by booking your job in time for verge green waste collection in your area.

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