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Lifestyle Tree Services will give you the best advice for your tree and whether lopping or pruning is the service you are after. With 16+ years experience in all areas of tree management our certified arborist can expertly assess your tree and give you the advice you need.

Lopping Trees

Lopping a tree shocks the tree and causes stress. When a tree is being lopped it leaves wounds that most of the time the tree cannot completely heal and can make the tree vulnerable to pests, disease and decay. When a tree is being lopped the epicormic growth that establishes itself around the wound is not a strong growth point so when the branch gets bigger and heavier it is more vulnerable to fail and could injure people or property.

When hiring a Tree Lopper it is usually to cut back on costs, but it ends up costing you more in the end.

  • Tree will need more frequent visits.
  • Poorly pruned it may never recover.
  • If the tree is effected badly it could take years of costly visits for professional remedial treatment.

Tree Lopping is a method of pruning a tree that does not comply with Australian Standards. We do not recommend you lop your tree but we do understand that in some cases lopping is required. If you have a tree that you need to be assessed contact us and have our certified arborist give you the advice you need for the long-term health of the tree and its environment.

At Lifestyle Tree Services you can trust that we will give the best advice on your tree when being assessed. Call us today for free quote and expert advice 0406812352

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Lifestyle Tree Services offers professional tree pruning, removal, hedging and related services in the region surrounding Perth, Western Australia.

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